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Rackmount PC & Chasis 

The Rack mounted PC is built to save space and to mount equipment in Industrial Standard. Consuming a usable space of only 1U or 2U and 19" rack mounted, the rack mount PC can be mounted securely and easily serviceable.

The switch mode power supply are 1U type and comes with mini ventilation fans to ensure the power supply to work without fail.

2U Rack mount Chassis
  • CD ROM mounting in 5.25" bay
  • Front panel USB connection
  • 2U EIA Rack mounted, IEC297 standard
  • Standard depth, 320D & 500D
  • Customized depth available
  • Kiosk 
  • Digital Signage
  • Remote Controlling
  • 19" Rack mounting
  • Industrial Machinery
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What's New
Self Service Kiosk helps to reduce labour related problems.

With the implementation of kiosk to handle repetitive task, unattended operation and long operating hour, businesses will benefit in the long run. It will improve profitability and enhance customer service from Self Service Kiosks.
Self Check-in kiosk
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