Metro MRT Railway Solution


Digital Signage has taken over static and conventional LED signs in modern train station system. Flexible content design, adhoc information, news, emergency message can be easily and instantly play on digital banners lined-up along the top sides of train cabins.

    • Station Advertising System
    • Transit Information at Interchange stations
    • Immigration & Security Clearance (at Check Points)
    • Tourist or Travellers Information desk - save staff costs
    • Airport Ammenities for Transit Passengers
    • Visual Experience - Keep passengers entertained and impressed
    • Visual Announcements - Assistance for the hearingimpaired
    • Locality Amenities or Tourist Information
    • Interactive displays with touch screen for way finding
Train In-Cabin Solution
CARMIS - Closed-loop Active Route Map Information System
Advantages of Digital Banner :
  • Flexible and easy to manage train route map information feature, eg. Emergency, Adhoc or temporary station closure notice can be played instantly
  • Used as Advertising Panel, revenue income
  • Plays perfect Flash animation, video and image format, eg. swf, wmv, mov, mpeg3, jpeg, gif, png
  • Unlimited Content Creativity
  • Travel information and Content can be easily configured for trains to be transfer to operate in other lines
  • No downtime of Train when Stations are opened in Stages, which will need updates
  • When metro station list gets too long, creative presentation of Travel Information can be applied for better visibility
Train Station Solution
&STIS & VSS - Station Train Information System & Video Surveillance System
Model : DS-8342HL2
Model : DS-8337SHL2
Application - Downtown Line
Concourse Station Train Information System & Video Survelliance System
Platform Train Information   Interchange Train Information
Advertising & Floor Standee
Floor Standee, Portable
Interactive & Portable
Electronic Advertising
Indoor & Outdoor
Digital Banner, Retail Advertising
Landscape, IP20
Train Station Locality & Information System
OOH Advertising System
Outdoor, IP55, With Air-conditioning
Locality / Tourist Information
Indoor,  IP20
Top up Kiosk, Dual screen
Indoor,  IP20
Feature of Railway Station IP55 Display
Gas Spring Assisted Flip door Swing Frame LCD mounting
  • Gas spring assisted flip-door prevent door falling
  • Safety for maintenance personnel
  • Swing frame LCD mounting
  • Ease of maintenance
IP55 Ventilation Perforation with filter
  • For IP55 Internal cooling 
  • Perforated mesh prevent insect from entering
Power Distribution Unit, PDU, 4-way
  • Internal AC power distribution
  • Metal clad casing or electrical safety
  • Built-in push button MCB for overload protection
LED Wall Digital Signage Stretch Display Application - MRT Entrance
Project reference  
DS-8842A Catalogue DS-8265 Catalogue
DS-8315H4 Catalogue DS-8052 Catalogue
What's New
Digital Banner

Vertical digital banner is the latest in advertising format, adopting from canvas banners.

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Vertical Digital Banner with standee
Large screen is the current trend for advertising in public place.

Due to the large screen size, 65" Industrial LCD are frequently mounted on the floor to give audience a life size effect. Customised mounting example Double sided screen or wall mounted screen are available.

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Vertical Advertising Banner