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Catalogue Kiosk CK1.0

Catalogue Kiosk CK1.0 (Size:218K byte)

Kiosk is design to attract attention with a concept to showcase your impressive company presentations. With proper contents loaded, the kiosk can even be a talking machine. This it could be your company representative, always working without the need for rest nor to quench its thirst. With proper internet connection, the kiosk streams video and can act as a fill time video conferencing unit. Have your customers walk up the kiosk and you could be in another country attending to him or her instantly, remotely and virtually.

Catalogue Kiosk is very versatile machine aesthitically designed for exhibitions or road shows. Deployment of the kiosk is easy and takes under just two minutes.
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Customised Your kiosk

Every kiosk should be designed to specific application and purpose-oriented. For good marketing approach, kiosks must attract attention and project company image to public.

Start customising your kiosk now. Discuss your requirement with us : sales@closed-loop.biz
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