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CLEVER - Closed-Loop Emulated Video Engine Rendering

CLEVER is a 4K UHD IP based Video Wall controlling system which cast any computer or IP device in the network onto the video wall without investing in expensive video switcher and extensive video cabling works. No hardware limitations and practically no limit to the number of devices that can be cast onto the video wall.

Mobile devices (Android) can be cast onto a CLEVER video wall by installing CLEVER mobile apps.

All functions of mobile devices can be view on video wall, eg. Photos, location maps, application and in camera mode, this device can act like a mobile cam.

Supports a wide range of configurations, flexibility and applications.


CLEVER IP-based Video Wall Controller  

CLEVER Catalogue
Features :
  • Fast and easy to cast workstation or mobile screen to video wall on TCP/IP network.
  • Friendly device installation and configuration
  • Drag and Drop operation of Mouse for Host Allocation and Preview
  • Static templates change to picture-to-picture templatesf
  • Support any video format to play on video wall.
  • Drag & Drop easy to use
  • Mobile device casting
  • IP Camera casting
  • Computer casting
  • Transmit HDMI-Over-IP network
  • Multi-window
  • Up to 4K UHD video format
  • Fast switching / Low latency
  • Window slot resizing, re-positioning
  • Fit to window slot
  • Actual resolution size in window slot
  • Touch screen allows drag and drop
CLESS Server - Closed-Loop Electronic Signage System Server

CLESS Server is a Content Management Software (CMS) which is used to design layout of LED wall, schedule contents to be played based on calendar setting and many other controls to make automation and unmanned operation even easier.

Integration with database to extract information to be displayed on the LED wall is possible with MS SQL, My SQL or Oracle connectors.

For CLESS Server Hosting, users do not have to own or manage a physical hardware server. Instead, users will log-in to CLESS Server via web browsers to access their Digital Signage Content Management site, just like any online system.

This service is specially designed and set-up for companies or organisation which do not have an IT team but still enjoy the benefits and power of Closed-loop Digital Signage System (CLESS).

For more information on CLESS Server Hosting Services, pls send enquiry to :

CLESS Server Catalogue
Pixel pitch (mm) 1.25 1.579 1.875 2.5
Pixel Configuration SMD0808/1010 SMD0808/1010 SMD0808/1010 SMD1010
Pixel density (dots/m2)640000410897286225160000
Module resolution (WH) pixel 160*135128*108106908067.5
Module size (mm)200(W)*168.75(H)200(W)*168.75(H)200(W)*168.75(H)200(W)*168.75(H)
Module weight (kg)0.4
Maximum power consumption of the module (W)40
Module of cabinet (WH)mm2*2
Cabinet resolution (WH) pixel480*270384216320180240135
Cabinet size (mm)600(W)337.5(H)80(D)
Cabinet area (m2)0.2025
Cabinet weight (kg)7.8
Cabinet level up degree (mm)<0.19
Maintenance modeFront
Cabinet raw materialFront
White Balance Brightness (nits)>800(6500K)
Color Temperature (K)3200-9300(adjustable)
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)160/160
Deviation of center distance of light - emitting<3%
Brightness / chromaticity uniformity>97%
Refresh rate (Hz)3840
Number of color processing bits16bit
Video playback capabilitiesFHD, UHD(4k)
Indoor LED Modules
  P2.5 Indoor Full color LED Video Wall
Model : CL-P2.5-RI
Pixel pitch : 2.5mm
Pixel type : SMD1515
Best view distance : >3m
Module size : 160 × 160mm
  P1.5 Indoor Full color LED Video Wall
Model : CL-P1.5-RI
Pixel pitch : 1.57mm
Pixel type : SMD3528
Best view distance : 6-16m
Module size : 160× 160mm
  P4 Indoor Full color LED Display
Model : HZ-P4-RI
Pixel pitch : 4mm
Pixel type : SMD3528
Best view distance : 4-20m
Module size : 192× 96mm
  P7.62 Indoor Full color LED Display
Model : HZ-P7.62-RI
Pixel pitch : 7.62mm
Pixel type : SMD3528
Best view distance : 9-25m
Module size : 243.8 × 121.9mm
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