Wallmount Kiosk Series
Attendance Clocking- WK5.0
Airport - WK4.3
Job order Clocking - WK3.2
Visitor Management - WK2.0

Wall mount Kiosk (WK4.3) integrated into Self Bag Drop System ensure easy service and maintenance

Airports deploy Self Check-in Kiosk at departure hall to help ease queue and to give travellers a wonderful experience. Together with Self Bag Drops, airport operations on handling passengers and baggages are done seamlessly using automation.

Hotels provide Self Check-in Kiosk for the convenience of guest arriving at odd hours

Corporate offices deploy Self Check-in Kiosk at guard house for registered visitor to print the pass.

Cinema, Tourist Attraction, Ferry Terminal may use Self Check-in Kiosk for ticket purchases.

For public or government offices, Self check-in Kiosk can help to generate Queue Ticket according to the services required.

Self Check-in Kiosk and Self Bag Drop System
SHARK - Self Help Application & Registration Kiosk