Company Profile

Closed-loop Technology was founded in the year 1992. Started off as a trading company dealing in switch mode power supply, DIN 41612 connector and 19" Racking system.

Gradually, we found that many customers require customized products and so we decide to invest in machineries to give our customer Total Solution for System Furniture and Enclosure. We design and manufacture our proprietary 19" racks and consoles in 1995. From then, we received feedbacks about our products and rectify immediately in the next production lot. Comparing what we first started, we have improved drastically in terms of our quality, ergonomics, aesthetics and styling. This is what we meant by the Closed-loop Culture.

Over the years, we have developed a full range of products for IT Infrastructure and Process Control. These new series of products range from Server Racks, Cabling Racks, Kiosk, KVM Consoles, Rack mounted LCD Panels, Touch Screen LCD Panels and IP55 Enclosures for display devices. We are still looking for improvements in our products in terms of design, styling and costing. For we believe that the world is ever changing, hence we have to keep up with new trends everyday.

Since the incorporation of the company in 1998, we have been looking at ways to produce inexpensive, competitive products of superior quality by using high quality, inexpensive products and parts from all over the world. Our customers' range of product choices expands when our customers constantly feedback to us their needs.

With the advancement of technology, Closed-loop decide to venture into manufacturing high performance display for industrial usage in the year 2006. Now, we have good reference in some major airports and metros.

Focusing on Innovation, Aesthetic and Ergonomics, Closed-loop build our products with all these criteria in mind and delivering our product and services to customer satisfaction.

Brilliant . Infinite . Flexible

Closed-loop Culture
In Closed-loop Technology, we apply the concept of closed-loop from marketing to product design. Sales team will sell our product to customer and from the customer, we get feedback on our product design,performance and reliability,good and bad. From our weak point, we improve on it and incorporate into the next production lot. This recursive cycle will continue indefinitely until the product is perfect.

Closed-loop Virtue
We design and build all our products such as Digital Signage, Industrial LCD monitor, Panel PC, Kiosk, Consoles, Server racks and rack mount cabinets to your specs
We can customize your products, whether it's several rack mount shelves or some power distribution units, if you cannot find them in our standard product listing.
Closed-loop Quality Assurance

As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of 19" Racking Systems, Control Console Systems, Desktop and Wall Mount Racks, Closed-loop Technology assured that Quality Control of our products is maintained under strict regulations. Our uncompromising quality control has earned us the trust of our customers worldwide. As an ISO9001:2000 certified organization, we employed the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept through out our production processes. Every step of the production process is controlled stringently to ensure that your product turn out to be in complete compliance with your specifications.
Closed-loop Fabrication Process
Singapore Office
Closed-loop Technology Pte Ltd
Blk 20 Woodlands Link #04-10 Singapore 738733
Tel : + 65 6853 7820 Fax : + 65 6853 7972
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Vietnam Representative
Naraco Company Limited
Room 405 EVD Building, 431 Tam Trinh Str, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Mobile / What's App / Zalo : + 84 91 287 7972
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Papua New Guinea Representative
Cameron Rd., Waigani Drive P.O. Box 1711, Boroko, NCD, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Mobile / What's App : +675 7106 7457
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What's New
SLEEK Kiosks are usually meant for disseminating information and for advertising. Due to the sleek design, it will not be able to house too many equipments inside the kiosk.
Self Check-in kiosk
Panel mounted Industrial LCD
monitor up to 21.3", IP65
Rack mounted Industrial LCD
monitor up to 20"