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Industrial Kiosk or terminals are built to compliment the operation of automatic machineries. They act as a programming console, monitoring and diagnostic station.

By using Industrial Kiosk, conventional CNC machine can enhance the image by making the whole machine looks high tech.

Industrial Kiosk are usually link to the main machine body via armored cables and will reside at a distance from the machine.

When a server is needed to be mounted in the kiosk, a workstation like console with built-in keyboard and touch pad mouse is used.

The large LCD monitor will be able to tilt to the preference of the user to reduce fatigue or light reflection. The lower compartment has a door to allow easy maintenance.

Typical application of industrial kiosk is on CNC Milling machine, CNC punching machine, CNC wire cut machine and in process control workstation.
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Every kiosk should be designed to specific application and purpose-oriented. For good marketing approach, kiosks must attract attention and project company image to public.

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