Kwike Console

The Kwike console is designed for Quick and Easy deployment of the console at site. The components that made up the console are snap-on to the main frame and fasten by bolts and nuts.

Modular design in component form enable the console to be flat packed in Semi-Knock Down (SKD) kit for oversea shipment. Space saving features make the console versatile and save shipment and storage cost.

Console Parts Identification
Sleek Design
Slim designed console deployed in a control center creates a cozy and friendly environment to the operators.

LCD monitors are used in modern control room and will eliminate huge and bulky console which requires large area or floor space to house.

CPU and equipments are mounted at the lower compartment of the Kwike Console.

Snap-on Bezel
High quality workmanship and "screwless" design makes the console look aesthetically outstanding.

Snap-on bezel enables quick and easy installation or maintenance of the LCD monitors.

  Unique Styling
Slim and Sleek design for LCD monitor mounting with curves and angles give the Kwike Console a very unique styling in modern control room.
Flip Fan Plate
Flip-up Fan plate allows more access room for equipment in the console.

Ease of maintenance.
  Lower Door Choice
Another feature of the Kwike console is the sexy curve of the front lower panel and lower door.

Unique perforation serve two purpose of ventilation and state-of-the-art design. This signature design is another creative idea from Closed-loop.
CDROM Drive & USB Hub
Most of the time, the CPU is mounted at the lower portion of the console. To further enhance the user friendliness, CDROM and the USB Hub is mounted at the front panel of the console, just below the monitor to enable easy assess to CPU.
Ergonomic Keyboard Drawer
Ergonomically designed keyboard drawer reduces fatigue and stress on the wrist of the operator.

Mounted on ball bearing telescopic slides to ensure smooth and fuss free operation. Keyboard can be stowed away to clear table space, eliminate dust accumulation and forestall any drink spillage.
Embedded Keyboard & Touch pad mouse
With the touch pad mouse embedded into the keyboard drawer, table top space is fully utilized and no worries about unsightly mouse wire dangling or damaged.
Typical Configurations
Steel in construction and coated with high quality epoxy power make the Kwike Console look like a piece of art in the control room.
Type 1, 1200W, 4 bays
Open concept and multi monitor application
Type 5,  4 bays - with CRT monitor mounting   Type 5, 600W, 3 bays
Mega Shopping Mall, Type 8, 600W   Type 1, 1200W
State of the Art - Kwike Console
Closed-loop build standard and customised Kwike Console for all industries. Below are some showcased Kwike Console of our past projects which are used in different market segments. These images are meant for references only.
Project References
What's New !
Wired Box - Managing Connection to Computer.

Power Outlets, USB Connection and LAN connection are properly and neatly wired on the desktop.
Managed Wired box
Kiosk Highlight