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Closed-loop Quality Assurance
As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of Digital Signage, Industrial LCD monitor, Kiosk, 19" Racking Systems, Control Console Systems, Desktop and Wall Mount Racks, Closed-loop Technology assured that Quality Control of our products is maintained under strict regulations. Our uncompromising quality control has earned us the trust of our customers worldwide. As an ISO9001:2000 certified organization, we employed the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept through out our production processes. Every step of the production process is controlled stringently to ensure that your product turn out to be in complete compliance with your specifications.
Closed-loop Fabrication Process
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SLEEK Kiosks are usually meant for disseminating information and for advertising. Due to the sleek design, it will not be able to house too many equipments inside the kiosk.
Rack mounted Industrial LCD
monitor up to 20"