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DS-8337SHL2 - Super Ultra Stretch aspect ratio LCD
DS-8337SHL2 Catalogue
Closed-loop Product Summary
  Closed-loop Product Summary
Closed-loop Project Reference
  Closed-loop Project reference
Closed-loop Electronic Whiteboard - CLEW-Petra
  Closed-loop Electronic White Board
Console System
  Kwike Console Catalogue
  Console Catalogue
Digital Signage
  Digital Signage Full Catalogue   IP55 Enclosure Catalogue
IP20 DS-8022 IP44 DS-8827
  IP20 DS-8032A   IP55 DS-8832A v2.0
  IP20 DS-8042  
  IP20 DS-8042A   IP55 DS-8842v2
  IP20 DS-8042FA   IP55 DS-8842v2.1
  IP20 DS-8046A   IP55 DS-8846A
  IP20 DS-8055A   IP55 DS-8855AHB
  IP20 DS-8065   IP55 DS-8870A
  Digital Signage Player, DSP-8000  Cless Server Catalogue
  Digital Signage Server, DSS-8000-2U  Cless Server User Manual , DSS-8000

Digital Banner - Ultra Wide or Bar Type LCD / LED screen

  IP20 Vertical Banner 32" DS-8332VP2 (size:101k byte)
  IP44 Vertical Banner 37" DS-8337SP (size:750k byte) Bar Type LCD
  IP44 Horizontal Banner 37" x 2 DS-8337SHL2 (size:750k byte) Ultra Wide Bar Type Dual screen
  IP44 Horizontal Banner 42" DS-8342HL2 (size:101k byte)
  IP54 Horizontal LED Banner CLDM-P4OD
Digital Banner - Quad screen
  IP20 Horizontal Banner, Quad 15.4" DS-8315HL4(size:375k byte)

Digital Portrait

  IP20 Portrait 42" DS-8242(size:101k byte) Indoor
  IP20 Portrait 52" DS-8252v3(size:3M byte) Indoor
  IP20 Portrait 65" DS-8265(size:3M byte) Indoor
  IP55 Portrait 60" DS-8960A (size:125k byte) Outdoor & Air-conditioned
  IP55Portrait 70" DS-8970A (size:125k byte) Outdoor & Air-conditioned
  IP55 Portrait 82" DS-8982A (size:125kbyte) Outdoor & Air-conditioned

Interactive Digital Signage

  IP20,with Touch DST-8042I (size:127K byte)
  IP20, with Touch DST-8046I (size:127K byte)
   IP20, Portrait 32" with Touch screen DST-8232C
   IP20, Portrait 46 " with Touch screen DST-8246I (size:157K byte)
   IP20, Portrait 55 " with Touch screen DST-8255I
Kiosk System
  Kiosk Full Catalogue  
  Evo Kiosk  
  Wallmount Kiosk WK4.0  
  Wallmount Kiosk WK5.0     Wallmount Kiosk WK2.0
  DK5.0   DK5.3
  Sleek Kiosk
  Sleek Kiosk 3.0   Sleek Kiosk 5.0
  Self Check Kiosk, SCK2.3
  Transaction Kiosk TK1.0   Transactional Kiosk 2.0   Transactional Kiosk 3.0-19WP
Kiosk Peripherals
  Thermal Printer, 80mm CLGP-83   Stainless Steel Keyboard, track ball, CLKMY-299
  Dollar Note Acceptor, CL-L704   Card Dispenser, CLCD-7300
  Omni Direction Bar code scanner - MS7120   Honeywell 2D barcode reader, MS4980
  Passport Scanner - DE-EPASS   
  Linear Actuator   
Mobile Trolley
  CLMT-02 - Medical Mobile Trolley
Industrial Display (with Touchscreen Option)
  Industrial LCD Full Catalogue (size:2M byte)
  15" Industrial LCD (size:145K byte)
  17" Industrial LCD (size:138K byte)
  19" Industrial LCD (size:153K byte)    19" Industrial LCD Wide Screen (size:153K byte) 
  20" Industrial LCD (size:138K byte)
  21.5" Industrial LCD (size:130K byte)
  22" Industrial LCD (size:118K byte)
  24" Industrial LCD (size:84K byte)
  32" Industrial LCD (size:790K byte)
  42" Industrial LCD, Full HD, DCHL-42FHD   42" Industrial LCD, IP55, Full HD, DCHL-842FHD
  43" Industrial LCD, Full HD, DCHL-43FHD   43" Industrial LCD, IP55, Full HD, DCHL-843FHD - 1500nits
  46" Industrial LCD, Full HD, DCHL-46FH   46" Industrial LCD, IP55, Full HD, DCHL-846FH
  55" Industrial LCD, Full HD, DCHL-55   55" Industrial LCD, IP55, Full HD, DCHL-855
  65" Industrial LCD, Full HD, PCHYL-65 (size:1M byte)
  15" CCTV LCD (size:157K byte)
  17" CCTV LCD (size:157K byte)
  19" CCTV LCD (size:421K byte)
  20" CCTV LCD (size:129K byte)
  21" CCTV LCD (size:150K byte)
  22" CCTV LCD (size:118K byte)
  32" Touch Monitor (size:186K byte)
  42" Touch Monitor (size:167K byte)
All-In-One PC / Industrial PC / Customized PC
  10.4" Panel mount, SPC-10.4QA (size:1M byte)
  15" AIO Computer, AIO-15.0PCAP
  17" Panel mount, SPC-17QA
  19" Panel mount, SPC-19WQA
  20" Panel mount, SPC-20PR (size:112K byte)
  21.5" Desk Top, AIO21.5P - CLEVER Controller
  21.5" Desk Top, AIO21.5PCS - CLEVER Controller with embedded Camera and Stereo Speakers
  15" Rack mount, SPC-15RT (size:112K byte)
  17" Rack mount, SPC-17RT (size:54K byte)
KVM Console
  KVM Console Catalogue
Video Wall System
Video Wall System Catalogue
LED & LCD Video Wall System Catalogue
LED Video Wall P2.5 Catalogue
19" Rack & Enclosure System
  19" Racks Catalogue (size:1.13M byte)
  Desktop & Wall mount Racks (size:520K byte)
  Rack Accessories Catalogue (size:125K byte)
  PC Enclosure (size:128K byte)
  IP55 Enclosure (size:301K byte)
Assembly Instruction & Installation Procedure
  19" Racks & Server Racks Assembly Instruction
  Console Module Assembly Instruction
  Console Installation Procedure
  Desktop Racks Assembly Instruction (size:450k byte)
  Wallmount & Swing Frame Racks Assembly Instruction
  External Speaker Installation Instruction
  Installation Procedure for IP54 Digital Signage
Packaging Procedure & Transport Information
19" Racks & Server Racks
Console Packaging & Transport
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Singapore Office :
Closed-loop Technolgy Pte Ltd
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Tel : +65 6853 7820, Fax : +65 6853 7972
email : sales@closed-loop.biz
Vietnam Factory :
Closed-loop Vietnam Company Limited
486 Tran Khat Chan Street, Hai Ba Trung District,
Hanoi Vietnam
Tel / What's App : + 84 91 287 79 72
email : sales@closed-loop.biz
What's New

37" Outdoor Bar Type LCD IP44

Outdoor Digital Adertising and Info-tainment display is a reality at outdoor location at Bus Stops and Parks.

Interactive LCD panels provide locality information and way finder.

Discuss your tailor-made LCD display solutions with us :


37" Outdoor LCD IP44 with Interactive options

82" Outdoor LCD IP55, with Air-conditioner

Outdoor Digital Advertising is becoming a norm in modern cities.

Discuss your requirement with us : sales@closed-loop.biz

Outdoor LCD IP55 with Air-conditioner
Customised Your kiosk

Every kiosk should be designed to specific application and purpose-oriented. For good marketing approach, kiosks must attract attention and project company image to public.

Start customising your kiosk now. Discuss your requirement with us : sales@closed-loop.biz

Self Check-in kiosk