Transactional Series
Transactional Kiosk Catalogue

Transactional Kiosk are built to house equipments for transaction purposes. printer, card readers, scanners and card dispensing. They are built to handle more features, example accepting credit cards, read bar codes, printing receipts.

With larger internal space, Transactional Kiosk has lesser restrictions to equipment sizes. 

There are 3 aspects which can change the outlook of the kiosk. Color, shape and the skin. To break the usual shape, additional covers are made to hug onto the existing panels and thus altering the shape. Skin can be change by printing stickers to paste onto the panels.

Typical applications are Cinema Ticketing machine, Ring tone and games download Machine for telecom company, photograph development, bill payment and stored value cards dispensing.

Digital Signage usually rides at the top to optimize space usage and attention catching.

Self Check-In Kiosk Catalogue

Self Check-in Kiosk are used in airports for passenger check-in using e-ticket, passport or frequentflyer card. Passengers scan their passport using the OCR scanner on the kiosk and select the flight number or destination. The passenger details will be verified and luggage weighed. When weight of the luggage is checked and paid for (if over weight), a luggage tag is printed.

Instructions are given on where to paste the tag so luggage will be automatically scanned when pass through the belt.

Boarding pass will be printed next. When all procedures are done, the luggage will roll in to the belts accordingly.

Similar applications can be used for hotel check-in, resort apartments and time-share apartments.

Digital Signage rides on the top to optimize floor space usage and for passenger information.
Customised Kiosk Configuration
Concept 1
Check-in Kiosk with Digital Signage
Check-in Kiosk SCK1.0
Check-in Kiosk SCK2.0
Check-in Kiosk SCK3.0